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Our #1 goal is to increase the impact of every minute and dollar your nonprofit is able to apply to their mission. We are working hard to make the relationship between a nonprofit and its volunteers streamlined and simple.

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All the tools you need to manage volunteers seamlessly and easily. We are focused on helping nonprofits get their time back to focus on the important issues they champion.

Time Tracking

Only having one way to track time is limiting and a time-sync. We make sure the volunteer has the way that fits them.


Modern Design

The user comes first at Civic Champs so we make the newest tech work for the users, not the other way around. 



Volunteers are the most likely individuals to donate micro-donations help you make that ask easier.

Event Scheduling

Creating, managing, and discovering events has never been this easy. Track shifts and event coverage easily.


Geofencing Technology

Location technology allows us to quickly remind your volunteers to track their time.


Mentorship Tracking

Developed in partnership with MENTOR, our specialized tools help to make mentoring more powerful.


Realtime Data

All of your data is recorded in realtime so you access information about your volunteers immediately. 


Experience Feedback

Feedback can be critical, so we provide volunteers the means to share how it went and their experiences.


Compliance / Security

Compliance and Security are important we take it seriously. Our tools always keep privacy in mind.


Our Platform

We believe in keeping it simple. You should have the tools you need to get your valuable time back, not some new tool to consume that time. Easy to use and to understand, Civic Champs gives you the tools you need and not the hassle of complicated technology.

Some of our Customers

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“Civic Champs’s tools freed up valuable human resources, allowing us to spend more time with women who need our assistance to become self-sufficient.”


Sandy Keller

Founder/Executive Director

My Sister’s Closet

“Civic Champs’s tools freed up valuable human resources, allowing us to spend more time with women who need our assistance to become selfsufficient.”

Stephanie Lewis




“We are thrilled to be working with Civic Champs and are grateful for their thoroughness, patience, and innovative product! Civic Champs finally finally gave us a way to easily track volunteer hours and effectively maintain thousands of volunteer contacts across 12 Clubhouses.”


Abby Blake

Director of Advancement

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania


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Your time is very valuable

Let us help you get your time back to do the things that matter most.


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